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Regressive Taxing?

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Sales taxes apparently punish the poor far more than an income tax. Who knew? I like not having to do a state income tax, but when you consider what it’s doing to us… well. I’d support replacing our sales tax with an income tax, but only if the state constitution is amended to outlaw sales tax as long as there is a state income tax. One or the other, never both. Because if we have both the structure will get abused.

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Colbert Tackles Washington State

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

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Political Garbage

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

I’m very interested to see if this account of McCain at a resort is truth or myth. I’m betting myth.

ChicletsMom directs us to a Fark Thread that is not for the weak. Of course, Fark in general isn’t for the weak.

Is it time for A New New Deal? Goodness knows the infrastructure DESPERATELY needs work.

Rossi trying to avoid testifying. Why? Is he guilty? Lazy? It shouldn’t take more than a few hours. And he’d be better off proving himself innocent than letting people think he’s crooked (innocent until proven guilty doesn’t mean a thing in popular opinion). Unless he is crooked, and not just a whiner.

Seattle Sonics

Friday, April 11th, 2008

I honestly don’t care a flip for the Seattle Supersonics. I’ve never been a fan of basketball, not when I played it nor when I timed it in High School. I enjoy the Seahawks and the Mariners, but I’ve never really cared about the Sonics.

However, I hope the city sues the butts off the current Sonics owners now that we know for certain they were lying, instead of just suspecting they were. They bought the team with the intention of moving it, and therefore purchased it under false pretenses. I hope the city sues the owners into the poorhouse. Not because I care about the Sonics, but because I don’t think rich people should be getting away with lies like that to entire cities.

Perhaps we should sue Oklahoma City, too, for making the liars welcome. And the NBA for supporting the liars attempts to move the team from the city. Heck, maybe we can get enough money out of the various scumbags trying to move the team that we can start our own basketball league. Maybe even one that’s actually fun to watch, instead of the crappy NBA egotist club.

Rants for Tuesday

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Waterboarding is torture. Only a traitor to the United States would veto banning it. The traitor in the Whitehouse doesn’t dare ban it, lest we put him in prison where he belongs for the rest of his miserable life. Every day that Bush is president drags our country deeper into the mud of his illegal and immoral activities. We should have impeached him five years ago.

Washington State has good government.

New Seven Deadly Sins. I’ll note that 5-7 damns most of the Republican party. Of course, 1 and 3 damn a good number of Democrats, so it balances.

TSA Endangers Child. The TSA is a joke, and an annoying and dangerous one at that.

Go Norway! I’ve never been prouder of the name I married into.

For once, the voters win against the Parties.

Democracy Means Counting The Votes…

Monday, February 11th, 2008

So the Washington State Republican party once again attempts to stop the counting of votes as soon as they get the result they like. Just like in the widely disputed governor election (which was later determined by hand-picked conservative judges to be conducted properly, despite the whining of the Republican “leadership”) they thought they could just stop the counting.

Huckabee isn’t having any of it.

At least it’s the Republicans eating their own instead of trying to steal the governor’s mansion.

Maybe someday the rank-and-file Republicans will notice that their so-called leaders are scum and fix their party… back into what it used to be, instead of the party of dirty tricks and warmongering.

Football and Politics

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

Football and politics collide. As a Seahawks fan I have this to say: Disliking Matt Hasselbeck and Mack Strong for their action, even criticizing them heavily for it, is fine. Harrassing them personally is not. There’s a line. Free speech is important, but from the sounds of it, some of the anti-Bush crowd went over the line. That’s wrong.

I loved Steve Largent as a player, but was horribly disappointed in his actions as a politician after he left the game. But at least Largent kept politics and football apart (mostly). Hasselbeck and Strong made a starkly political presentation to a traitor who was in town for no other reason than to raise money for a lackey. And they pulled the hometown team into the mud with them. For that, I really don’t like either man anymore. But I would never harrass them personally. They are entitled to their opinions, just as I’m entitled to mine.

I just watched Shut Up and Sing last night. As the Dixie Chicks made clear, they had no problem with people not liking them for that single comment. What was wrong was the death threats, harrassment, and the way that people who were still fans weren’t allowed to express their opinions at all. This is the same sort of situation. Hasselbeck and Strong are allowed to be stupid, but only a complete moron would harrass them for it.

Massive Linkdump (with rants!)

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Yikes. This story is both a warning to not post personal information on the internet, and a indication that the far Right find nothing wrong with casually destroying other people’s lives over petty stupidity.

Good-bye Mountains (of course, to someone who lives in Seattle, it isn’t a mountain unless it’s got snow on it year-round, so these are actually “hills” being destroyed, which is still very bad).

The American Taliban continues to mock itself, by once again making the comparison of the Radical Right to our enemies in terrorism too obvious to ignore.

Woman punished for registering her dog to vote. She did it to prove that identification requirements are too lax. She proved her point. Now the problem needs to be fixed. Oddly, the reports focus on the dog, not on the voting registration problems.

Wal-Mart sucks. A memorial marker.

Petraus is just another Bushie who allows Republican propaganda to be given to the troops.

Make people scared, then make them vote, and they’ll always vote for the more extreme option. Republicans want all voters to be terrified, so they’ll vote to continue to destroy the Constitution.

The drug war continues to attack the wrong people. Check out this map of botched raids. The war on drugs is stupid, murderous, often illegal and should be stopped. Make drugs legal and tax the heck out of them, with heavy penalties for any crimes committed while under the influence of any drug. And stop arming police officers to make war on the people they are supposed to protect.

Do you have to show ID? At least one cop thought so. “Papers, please,” we’re slowly becoming a fascist state.

Lucky to be Insured… ok, Not really. Even the insured can’t get covered for live-saving procedures. And I’m one of the uninsured.

Never accept a phone from your employer if you intend to sneak out early.

The White House “wholeheartedly disagree” with the fact that Bush’s “surprise” visit to Iraq was just another stupid photo op. But then, the White House always disagrees with the facts.

Another Day, More Outrage

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Here I go, ranting again…

NIE Report: Iraq is getting worse. The Bush Administration is going to spin the surge as working, but it isn’t. We need to get out, before more soldiers die for Halliburton’s profits.

The Bush Administration has an anti-protester manual. In other words, Bush refuses to allow any visible protests near him. He can’t deal with dissent at all. His ego is way too fragile. One wonders how he can exist at all. A dissenting word apparently will pop him.

How many of our soldiers will die in those cost effective 35 days? Are the lives of our soldiers really so worthless that they can’t even ship lifesaving equipment by the fastest means possible instead of BY FREAKIN’ BOAT???

Trying to help.

Iraq is like Vietnam. Even Bush admits it now. Ok, he doesn’t seem to be talking about the same Vietnam that actually happened, but he admits it. Time to bring our troops home. NOW, not after another six years of pointless battle.

It’s the economy. For the first time since WWII, the average income of Americans has gone down… since Bush took office. The rich are rapidly getting richer, but everyone else has been left behind.

Support the Troops: Kill a Prophet. A biblical lesson on claiming that dissenters are undermining the troops.

No secret ballot in Ohio. From a comment:

This is yet another reason that electronic voting should be turned into electronic assisted voting. You get your ballot from the poll worker. You may elect to mark or punch the ballot yourself and put it in the ballot box. Alternatively, you may insert the ballot into an electronic machine that does all the things that people value electronic machines for. When you press “Done”, the electronic machine marks or punches the ballot and gives it back to you. You may check it or not before you put it in the ballot box.

Just because you can accumulate and count votes inside an electronic machine does not mean you should. In fact, it may mean exactly the opposite.

Pit-Bull owner had already been cited before the two dogs entered a neighbor’s home, killed a dog in the home and seriously injured the woman living in the house. As far as I’m concerned, the owner should be in jail for assault. Letting any dog loose is bad, letting dangerous dogs loose should result in jail time.


Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

I find the race to get the earliest primary election to be utterly hilarious. The whole nation hates the current administration so much that we just can’t wait until a reasonable time to start the whole election season. Gotta have it sooner!

It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t belong to a political party and I won’t vote in a presidential primary if I’m forced to declare a party. As Washington state cowardly bowed to the parties’ demands and forces voters to declare a party before voting in primaries now, I won’t have any input whatsoever in the selection of a candidate for either party. And while it bothers me a little, it doesn’t bother me much because I think the method of choosing candidates in this country is insanely stupid anyway.

And again, I’m of the opinion that Bush and his cronies should be impeached immediately. So all this election garbage is just getting in the way of dealing with the lame duck president who is trying his best to destroy America in his final few months.